10 Creepy Criminal Mugshots

10 Creepy Criminal Mugshots

1) Carlos Sosa Rodriguez
This “Half Head Man” went viral in 2012, He was charged with soliciting prostitution. His flattened skull came, from a car accident “I was driving, and I hit a pole, and I flew out the front window and landed on my head” he said.

2) Screw U. Who
Whoville County Sheriffs responded to a 911 call after numerous reports of an inebriated who was asking women if they’d like to be “Grinched”.

3) Adam Lee Hall
A hell angel with a satanic “666” tattoed on his forehead was charged with killing a key witness, with no bail bond, also killed two other men to cover up the slaying of witness. The 34 man was facing a trial for kidnapping, extortion and other charges.

4) Katerina Wood
Katerina of Florida was arrested with personal injury for disorderly intoxication and causing a disturbance.

5) Marcela Hernandez
No, it’s not Cousin Itt from the Adams Family, Marcela was arrested in Arizona for parole violation and refused to show anything but her long hair in her mugshot.

6) Alan Dale Lee
Alan has a history of arrests in the Sunshine State he is remembered among police, by “Dracula” thanks to his teeth.

7) Michael Don Mitchell
Mitchell was arrested and charged with burglary after taking $87 in cash and change from a home in Lakeport, Texas. He ate a can of ravioli during the robbery, then he posed like this.

8) Habib Rene Soumare
Meet Habib, was arrested on a single charge of “POSS RCRD DEV SHW TRU NAME>100,” which means… not sure what but He looks confused too.

9) Gregory Liascos
He was arrested for breaking into the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals. He was later found in, yes, a wooded area, he tried to hide himself caught dressing up like… something.

10) Cory Smits
Cory was arrested when he was operating a vehicle while intoxicated. He was released thanks to a bail bond.
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